It really made the children think,  it encouraged children to work collaboratively, the facilitators were very confident and charismatic, and it was a great introduction to politics for the children” Elizabeth Cadwallader, Y6 teacher

Children work in teams to construct their own country, form a government, negotiate over scarce resources and deal with disasters.  

Politics make huge decisions that affect everyone, for example making sure there is room for people and dealing with natural disasters”   Ruby, year 6

There’s a lot of pressure and there are a lot of decisions to makeMatthew, year 6

There is no right or wrong answer in politics.” Melissa, year 6

Children learn key skills and the importance of resilience.

In politics you have to learn how to be a leader, work as a team and always listen to other people to get things doneSassy, year 6

Creating is fun and we never give up – we carry on no matter whatBatseba, year 6

From year 3, when we introduce the concept of power through the prism of family and friends,  to year 6 when children create and govern their own country, children explore political parties and elections, government and budgets and international relations through games, team challenges, film and music, and construction activities. Through these powerful experiences, children learn what politics is and how it influences their world.

I knew nothing about politics but now all I can think about is politicsSean, year 6

Intopolitiks Workshops can be delivered in a school or community setting and are designed for children of all ages. During the workshops the children will experience how politics effects their daily lives and how they can become involved if they choose. The Workshops can be filmed and shared on the INTOPOLITIKS WEBSITE where children can play politics, learn politics and design politics.

Intopolitiks Workshops will be at Blickfelder Festival in Zurich this year.

If you would like to find out more please contact us through the website.  Intopolitiks Workshops are designed in such a way that we can tailor them to meet your needs and they are delivered world wide. 

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