We are a fabulous team of friends that got together some years ago after Dominique and Antonia invented a funny children’s story about “Lily the President”. Susanne illustrated the story and our working together was so wonderful that we continued to make this whole great project INTOPOLITIKS to a big multi-channel adventure.

(Concept, Text, Dramaturgy)
Antonia is an actor/writer/producer.  After several years with Circus Archaos she was awarded a scholarship to The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC. She wrote her first film script in Mexico, about  a foreign waitress who accidentally becomes the President of the USA.  Antonia returned to the UK to tour as Rita in “Educating Rita” before starring in her first horror movie for which she won the best actress award at the Calgary International Festival of Horror. She has made several more movies since and works extensively as a voice over artist, most recently as the Lead Warrior in DIVINITY ‘Original Sin’. ‘Lily The President’ was born in 2012 and INTOPOLITIKS birthed shortly thereafter.

(Concept, Animation, Games, Visuals)
Susanne studied Mathematics in Austria and Fine Arts and Film/Video in Zurich. She has been an independent producer/director with her company flimmern gmbh for 13 years and has taught video at the Faculty of Architecture, ETH Zurich since 2004.  She co-authored the internet and exhibition project cyberhelvetia.ch for the Swiss Expo 0.2 (Kohli/Roth – belleville AG – sponsored by Credit Suisse and Sun Microsystems) – which was an interactive platform that was ahead of it‘s time.

dominiquemargot03 copy
(Concept, Story, Photography)
Dominique worked extensively in theater, dance and circus (Les Arts Sauts, Archaos, Gosh, Los Galindos, Rui Horta, Place Theatre, …) before graduating from the ZHdK Film/Video class. Since then she has been directing documentary films (“Toumast, entre guitare et kalashnikov”, “La longueur et la largeur du ciel”) which have won numerous awards at international festivals. Her new documentary “Looking Like My Mother” (Maximage Production company Zurich) starts in the official selection in  Filmfestival Nyon Visions du réels in april 2016.  Dominique lives in Switzerland and France.



(Workshops England)
Abigail has 25 years’ experience of working in politics and public policy. She has also worked as a teacher and as a facilitator. As consultant she has advised clients across the public and private sector.
She is a Fellow of the RSA where she recently led a project to explore how cooperative approaches can be applied to enterprise and skills. She is currently developing Raw Talent a start-up social enterprise with a mission to connect young people to work.
She holds an MA in Public Policy and Public Administration (University of York), a BA (Hons) Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Oxford University), a Foundation Certificate in Art (Lambeth College) and a Postgraduate Certificate of Education (Institute of Education). 




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