The Globonauts is an animation series which  opens windows on to different political systems past and present.  The series follows a group of kids who have discovered a globe that transports them through space and time, all over the world.

During their travels they are confronted by local problems cultural, political or historical. They learn about the political systems of each country and often find themselves in intense situations. Maybe they land in the midst of a coup d’etat or perhaps they arrive during election celebrations. They may meet Angela Merkel at the Laundromat or Tony Abbott on a surf board on his way to meet Sigmundur Davi Gunnlaugsson at a hydro power conference in Fiji.  The Globonauts may try to change things, or not. They may need to escape or to save someone but they always need to get home before night falls because the Globe is powered by light.

Through ‘The Globonauts’ we  aim to campaign against the prevailing attitude that it is too late, that nothing can now be changed, that we are powerless to influence our own future.





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