INTOPOLITIKS  allows children to experience politics through play.

INTOPOLITIKS introduces children to the language of politics and gives them the opportunity to experiment with different systems, explore the emotions these may engender and experience how their choices affect others and themselves. It is designed to provide the citizens of the future with the power to change it

INTOPOLITIKS exists on five different platforms: .

    1. Printed books and interactive print media “Lily the President” 
    2. Creative workshops Intopolitiks Workshops
    3. An animated series “The Globonauts”
    4. Apps and a simulation game Intopolitiks Elect (in development)
    5. A participatory web platform Intopolitiks World (under construction)

These platforms offer the children the chance to explore politics in the real and/or virtual worlds.Younger children may enjoy colouring in the books, whilst the older children will have fun drawing up new constitutions with participants in other countries to create another state on the world map. This movement between real life and the digital world is key to the project and  strengthens the experience of the child, which is the realisation that he or she has the power to influence the world in which he or she is living.

Intopolitiks has been supported so far by  BAK (Bundesamt für Kultur Schweiz), ProHelvetia and focal and was invited to be part of the ‘Power To The Pixel’ Lab 2014 in Germany and London where it received  an Honorary Mention for ‘Best Project at Pixel Lab 2014‘. Intopolitiks was included in Spain’s 3DWire Catalogue and was listed as one of the best European Transmedia Projects 2014. Intopolitiks has been asked to be part of Blickfelder Zurich 2016, which is an Art festival for the youth.

We are currently looking for supporters if you would like to get involved please contact us using the email address below




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