The ‘Lily the President’ series of children’s books follows the adventures of Lily James Oranjeboom who happens to be the leader of her country.  Lily knows as much about politics as most kids her age, but luckily for her, her little sister Ruby is very knowledgeable on the subject. Lily and her dog Buster romp through a series of political conundrums and have a lot of fun in a world of amazing images that tell a whole heap of other stories too. The international references, geographical, political and personal aim to expand a young childs political canon and familiarize them with the environment of world politics as well as its characters and language.

The books are written in verse and the visual language is geared towards a changing narrative that can be influenced by the participants. The faces can easily be changed, the buildings and decorative schemes can be freely inspired by existing schemes. Historical characters can make an appearance in the photo-montages.


Lily the President, 1st Edition, page 9 and 10, ©Intopolitiks 2014
Lily the President, 1st Edition, page 23 and 24, ©Intopolitiks 2014
Lily the President, 1st Edition, page 27 and 28, ©Intopolitiks 2014

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